How to Sell Online with RePOS?

This text; It shows in detail the steps to be followed about the online sales platform integrated into the RePOS restaurant/cafe Sales Program.

RePOS Online Pre-Sales Business Requirements

The application is logged in from the Cashier User.
Click on the Online Market tab from the left menu.
I have read and approved the Data Protection Law Enlightenment Text and the Open online orders button is clicked.
To open online orders, log in to the system with your google account. If desired, the business name and phone can be updated before logging in. (This process is not repeated for subsequent orders)
After waiting a few seconds, the login process is completed. After specifying your online web address as you want, click the Confirm button.
Your online orders are now open.
Your internet name that you created in the previous step is defined. If desired, you can make adjustments to your internet address in this field.
You can share your defined online order address with your customers by touching the share button.
After pressing the button to share, choose an app and send the online order link to your customers. Here, an online order link is sent to the customer via SMS.

Customer Screens

For example, the link sent via SMS reaches the Customer with a message as in the picture. Your customer clicks on the link in this message.
When your customer clicks on the link, the products menu you created in the application opens on your customer’s phone. Your customer selects the products by browsing the menus.
Your customer selects the featured products as they wish and adds their orders to the cart by clicking the add to cart button.
After your customer selects his products, he taps the Go To Cart button in the upper right corner.
Your customer checks the selected products in the cart and taps the confirm button to send the order to your business.
After your customer approves the cart, he chooses one of the options to create an account of his own and logs in.
Your customer, who is registered in your system, chooses the order address and payment method. You can also add a note to your order. As the last step, he touches the Order button.
After your customer confirms the address selection, he/she completes the ordering process.
Your customer can follow their orders from here by tapping the Go to My Orders button.

RePOS Online Post-Order Business Screens

The order placed by the customer is notified to your application via a voice-assisted notification.
If the application is open when your customer places an order, a notification will also appear on the screen.
When you click on the notification, the online orders area opens and the order appears here. When the relevant order is touched, the order details are opened. The order is processed by clicking the Confirm Order button on the order detail screen. This situation is communicated to the customer as information.
When you confirm the order, your customer will receive a notification message.
When the order is ready, click the Submit Order button.
Courier is selected from the screen that opens.
The selected Courier (if phone number is entered) will receive a message with a link to track the order.
Your courier can view the order detail by opening the link.
When your courier delivers the order, it marks it as delivered.
When your courier delivers the order, the company clicks the Complete Order button.
After clicking the Complete Order button, the order is closed with the Get Payment button.

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