RePOS Kitchen Integration

Have you tried using the RePOS app on more than one device? For this, we have prepared an application for you. Now you can use a RePOS application at the same time by integrating it with the RePOS Kitchen application. We will tell you what needs to be done for this.

How to add Kitchen to RePOS Application?

Login to the application from the Installer
From the left slider, tap the User Management tab
The user management screen opens
Kitchen area opens from the user management screen
Email Address is written to add users
After the user’s e-mail address is written, the Add button is touched and the user is added.
After defining the kitchen user to the system, the Cashier Entry field is entered.
To activate the kitchen user, you need to open online Services. For this, login is made from the Cashier User.
From the left slider, tap the Online Market tab.
Tap the Sign in with Google button
Select the e-mail address you will use the Repos Application.
I have read and approved the data protection law is marked and the Open Online Order button is tapped.
A web address specific to your business is written in the relevant field and the Confirm button is tapped.
You have created your internet address
After turning on the online services, a synchronization phase will start, which you can follow from the notification screen of your device.
After the synchronization phase is over, you can now integrate the RePOS Kitchen application.

How to Login to RePOS Kitchen Application?

Open the RePOS Kitchen application and tap the Login button with your e-mail address
Select the e-mail address you defined for the Kitchen user in the RePOS application.
After selecting your e-mail address, wait for the synchronization phase to complete.
After the sync is complete, tap the Login button
Orders placed from the RePOS application are now instantly visible on the Kitchen screen.
You can mark individual orders as completed from the Kitchen application.
You can also mark all orders as complete in the Kitchen app.
Completed orders can be viewed under the Completed Orders heading until the end of the day.

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