On this page, the Online Cashier Web Application feature of the RePOS application will be explained. Thanks to this feature, you can use the application in web browsers on devices with various operating systems such as windows, iOS, Linux without downloading the application.

How to share Online Cash Link?

Login to the application as the System Administrator.
The sliding menu on the left opens and selects Management Menus from there.
The User Management tab opens. The cashier users area opens.
The user will be selected.
Online Order Link will be shared via SMS or other applications as a message in the selected user window.
Your staff opens the online cashier link in the incoming message.

How to use Online Cash web application?

Tapping the link that comes with the message opens the online cashier web application.
Selects either Quick Order or Table Order from the Left Menu. (Quick Order is described here as an example.)
Your staff selects the received orders and adds the products to the basket by clicking the Add to Cart button.
Taps the basket in the upper right corner. After reviewing the basket, confirms the opened basket with the Confirm button.
Selects the Delivery Method and Payment Type for the order.
The Order button is touched and the order is completed.
The order that your staff completes online is instantly listed in Orders of your RePOS application.

This video explains how to enable your employees to place orders remotely and mobile in the RePOS application.

How does the mobile/online cashier work?

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