This video is to explain how to use balance integration in practice.


1- The application is installed on a scale system with an Android screen.

2- In order to use the scale system, a cashier user is logged into the application.

3- Touch the Safe Settings tab.

4- Scale integration is selected as open from the settings.

5- The device you are connected to is selected and confirmed.

6- Quick sales section opens in the application.

7- The product to be sold by weighing is selected and the scale button under the product number bar is touched.

8- At this time, the product is placed on the scale and weighed. The weighed amount appears automatically in the app.

9- OK button is pressed and the product price is automatically reduced to the order summary according to the weighted grams.

10- By clicking the payment and OK button, the product sale is completed.

Android Terazi Sistem Entegrasyonu Nasıl Kullanılır?

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