RePOS Restaurant, Cafes, Fast Pıint of Sale System is Being appointed as an admin generally implies greater access, authority, and responsibility. Individuals in this position often have different and broader access privileges compared to other users in the system. These privileges typically include the ability to make changes within the system, manage user accounts, and modify the overall system configuration. Therefore, it’s important for individuals appointed as admins to be trustworthy, responsible, and possess the necessary knowledge and experience.

How to add an admin user will be explained on this page.


1- Login to the RePOS application as “System Admin” user.

2- Click to Menu icon on the upper Left. Click to ADMINISTRATION MENUS and then click to User Management.

3- Select the ADMIN area. Click on the “Tap to Add User” area at the bottom.

4- Enter the name, phone number, e-mail address and optional password for the user. After tapping the ADD button, the new admin user will start appearing in the list.

How to log in with administrator?

Can you log into the RePOS application from anywhere and any device with the admin user you’ve added. You can log in with the email address you added for the admin user.


1- On the application login screen, select “I ALREADY USE REPOS“.

2- Tap the LOGIN WITH GOOGLE button. Select the email address you added for the admin user and complete the login proces.

By following these steps, you can successfully manage users for your RePOS Sales and Ordering app. Remember that user management plays a critical role in the security and efficiency of your application.

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