In RePOS, you can adjust the quantity of products in orders using the numeric keypad, known as the product quantity bar, in the Quick Order screen. Through this functional interface, while creating orders, you can either tap on the products for automatic selection or manually adjust the product quantity from the numeric keypad area.

To adjust the product quantity in the RePOS application during order creation or editing, follow these


1- Login to the RePOS application as “System Admin” user.

2- Click to Menu icon on the upper Left. Click to CASHİER MENUS and then click to Quick Order.

3- Each selection of products is automatically added as 1 quantity.

4- For orders with more than nine items, touch the digits of the number you want to create in sequence. For example first touch digit 3, then touch digit 5 for the number 35. Then touch and select on the number displayed at the bottom of the keypad.

5- The example shows an order of 35 units of the melon product.

6- The payment method is selected and the Order is completed.

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