OBJECTIVE: This page explains how to connect a Bluetooth receipt printer to the application.


1- Login to the RePOS application with “SYSTEM ADMIN” user.

2- Then, access the Administrator Settings section by entering the Management Menu from the upper left lined section. Click to ADMINISTRATION MENUS and then click to Admin Settings.

3- On the screen that opens, go to the Cashier Printer Settings section. In this section, click on the Printer Selection tab and click on the Bluetooth Printer option.

4- Click on the Bluetooth device you want to connect to.

Note: Please first pair your Bluetooth Device with the device you are using. Model PT-210 was used as an example device.

5- To change the Printing Language after the connection is completed, turn on the Change Character Code option in Cashier Printer Settings. On the screen that opens, type the Character Code of your Bluetooth device here.

6- Printer settings are completed. Importantly, you can also use the features required for your business from Cashier Printer Settings.

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