OBJECTIVE: This page explains how to connect an Ethernet receipt printer to the application.


1- Bağlantı için gerekli malzemeler; RePOS uygulaması, ethernet kablo, wifi router, ethernet fiş yazıcı.

2- Wifi router and plug printer are connected with ethernet cable.

3- Wifi router and plug printer powers are turned on. The application connects to the wifi router network.

4- IP number is taken from the receipt printer by self-test printing.

5- The device on which the application is opened connects to the wifi network called wifi router.

6- The IP number obtained from the receipt printer is searched in the internet browser.

7- On the printer screen that opens, the Dynamic IP setting is changed to the Static IP setting. The IP address to be connected to the application is written and saved.

8- When a test print is taken from the printer, it can be checked that the printer IP number has changed.

9- The application connects to the network that the printer is connected to and enters the Settings tab.

10- Ethernet Printer is selected from the safe printer settings and the IP number is written in the relevant field.

11- Touch the Connect button and the connection process is completed.

Repos’a Ethernet Fiş Yazıcı Nasıl Bağlanır?

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