This page will explain how to create a menu from your products.



1- Login from the Admin area and touch the Menu Management tab from the left menu.

2- Tap the title to add a new menu.

3- The menu name, price, description, discounted price and preparation time are written in the relevant fields. The category in which the menu will be displayed is selected. Press the “+” button to add a picture to the menu.

4- To edit the menu content, go to the Menu content tab. Menu Add Content button is touched.

5- Select Content Type. Product Selection is used as an example in the explanation.

6- The products to be added to the menu are selected from the desired category (Example: Drinks, Starters, Main Courses, Desserts). In addition, if there will be extra prices, the Extra Price field is entered.

7- After the menu content is created, the Add button is touched and the menu is saved.

8- The newly added menu appears in the saved category.

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