This page explains how to add a product.


1- Login to the RePOS application with “SYSTEM ADMIN” user.

2- Click to Menu Button from the upper left. Click to ADMINISTRATION MENUS and then click to Product Management.

3- On the page that opens, tap the + icon to add a new product.

4- Product name, Barcode, Price, Purchase price, Discounted price, Preparation time and Product feature are written in the relevant fields. The product category is selected. The thing you need to pay attention to here is to make sure which category you add the product to. After entering the product information, tap the add button.

5- You can add images to the product and define product content. As an important warning, the UPDATE button must be tapped for each transaction. For more detailed information, visit the pages below.

6- After entering all the information, the product addition process has been completed successfully.

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