This page tells a customer how to sell on credit.


Selling on Credict

1- Login to the RePOS application with “SYSTEM ADMIN” user. Then go to the quick order by pressing the ‘menu button‘ located in the top left corner.

2- Then, Click to CASHİER MENUS and then click to Quick Order.

3- The products the customer wants are selected. Here, all the products shown in the picture have been selected as examples. After selecting the products, go to the order details. Tap the PAYMENT button.

4- You will be presented with 3 types of payment methods. From here, tap and hold on the payment type on the far right. To sell on credit, select the Lending option.

5- After completing the 3rd step, the payment method changed to credit sales. Then tap the COMPLETE button. After you tap the Complete button, the customers you want to give on credit will appear on the screen. Select your customer from here.

6- After selecting your customer, a warning will appear on the screen. Tap the OK button. The transaction is completed.

How do I settle a tab? / How can I close credict acount.

7- Check the relevant customer’s credit book :

Press the MENU BUTTON located in the top left corner. Then, select ‘CASHIER SETTINGS‘ and after that, click on ‘CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT

8- To track the debts of customers to whom you placed orders on credit, tap the name of the relevant customer. You can view the contents and debts of the order by clicking on Lending section of the relevant customer. Then click the order that you want to pay off credict.

9- Click to RECEIVE PAYMENT, then select the payment type ( cash or credict card) , after that click to TAKE PAYMENT button.

10- The credit sales transaction has been completed succesfully.

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