We Are Renewed For You

  1. We have now made the RePOS application work in the cloud system. Data backup process is now automated. All your data is saved on your e-mail address and you can log in from any device. You can continue to use the application with the same data.
  2. Application login and user roles have been adjusted.
    • You can log in to the Repos application with an e-mail address. First Login belongs to Administrator role.
    • The Administrator can add as many cashier, waiter, kitchen or courier users as he wants to the system.
    • The Administrator can edit their privileges. 
  3.  Added the ability to sell to the Administrator role. The administrator user has rights in all areas of the application and can use all its features.
  4. Added menu function. With Repos, you can now create a menu from the products in the product catalog you have created. 

  5. UX improvements have been made. The left menu has been made more useful. In addition, improvement requests from you have been implemented.


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