How Does the Courier System Work

In this article, the necessary settings to use the RePOS Courier System and a sample application will be shown step by step.

Required Settings for the Courier System

In order to use the Courier System, Online Services must be opened first. For this, Cash User login is made to the application.
Enter the Online Market tab from the left menu.
Online order is activated by opening the online order key.
To select the message channel to send the link to, the Settings tab in the upper right opens.
The channel to which the link will be sent is selected from the Select SMS Sending Service tab in the SMS Sending Settings. In the example we choose WhatsApp.

How to Add Courier to the System?

In order to add a Courier to the system, an Installation Responsible entry is made.
The User Management tab opens from the left menu.
Courier is opened from the top headings and the field below is touched to add a Courier.
Courier information is written in the relevant fields and the ADD button is touched.
Appears in the list where the courier has been added.

How to place a Courier / Package Order?

In order to receive a package order, a Cashier User is entered into the application.
Orders from customers are selected from the menu. Touch the area at the bottom and the order summary opens.
The motorized courier icon, which means package order and located under the Order Summary, is tapped.
The customer information field to send the package order opens.
The customer information registered in the system is automatically displayed in this field.
On the customer information screen, the Courier who will send the order is selected.
Order Complete
The channel you choose to send a message to your courier employee opens automatically and the link containing the order information is sent to the Courier phone as a message.

How Does the Courier Track the Order?

Your courier employee receives a message with order information.
When the Courier touches the link in the message, he can see the order and customer information.
You can see the order information in detail.
He can change the Order status when he delivers the Order.
You can complete the order with the Confirm Transaction button.

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