Register Your Customers

..RePOS register your customers in the application and communicate with them..

Login to the application from the Cashier User
The left slider opens and taps the Customer Management tab
The customer list is displayed in this area. Touch the field below to add a new Customer.
Customer information is written in the relevant fields. The Add button is touched and the Customer is registered.
The customer name is tapped to enter the customer account.
When the customer account is opened, the orders previously received from this customer can be viewed in this area.
You can contact your customer via WhatsApp by tapping the Whatsapp icon under the customer’s name.
You can call your customer by tapping the phone icon
You can contact your customer via mail by touching the Mail icon.
You can open the customer address on maps by tapping the location icon.
You can update customer information from the Edit field on the far right.

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